Sunday, June 2, 2013

Get busy bikin', or get busy drivin'

Somehow five months of 2013 are already in the books, and I glanced back at my mileage goals for the year compared to my actuals YTD.  It's extremely disappointing: I haven't even logged 100 miles on the Cross Check and I planned to get to 4,000 for the calendar year.

There have been circumstances contributing to this poor performance (more to come in future posts), but in order to achieve these goals I am going to have to do a lot less commuting by car, and a lot more biking.  The round-trip commute will add 24 miles a day, which will definitely help reach 4,000, but it would take 167 days of bike commuting alone to get there.  With an average of 20 working days per month, this would mean more than eight months of commuting every day to do it so the miles will have to come from other riding, too.

So if anyone out there is looking for a biking buddy, just let me know, remind me about this post, and I'll pretty much be obligated to join you.

And the other goals?  Here's what else I want to achieve by 12/31/2013, (and what I've achieved so far):

25 blog posts (this will be #6)
30 hand written letters to friends / family (written 5 so far)
3 hours per week of Spanish / Portuguese study or practice (on track - more details to come)

Other than the language practice, I have some more work to do.


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